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How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #010 -- A new website!
July 21, 2009

How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #010

Would you like to work at home? To share your knowledge about your passion? Learn how you can start your own online business and build a website about your passion!

Learn how my website got to the top 0.1% of all websites in the world (in 9 little months) and how YOU could do the same! That's right!

And guess what? YOU can do it too!

New! A comic strip section is now available!

You need some tips on how to create quality comic strips? You now have access to some easy tips to follow to help you make the comic strip of your dream in no time!

You can find this new section here

Don't forget the poll!

Don't forget that you can always answer my survey at the bottom of the page to tell us your opinion about the current subject!

It's easy, without any annoying steps like registration and very helpful for me! Thanks a lot!

Don't hesitate to visit my website to find more nice tutorials on drawing funny cartoons!

Martin Bérubé

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