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How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #005 -- New look!
December 06, 2008

How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #005

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New section!

A new section is now available on how to draw funny cartoons! This section, called "My cartoons friends and inspiration" is a mini journal where I will write about the subjects that I like the most: drawing, reading comic books and 3D animation.

This part of the website won't be subdivided in categories. It's just a place where I will write spontaneously from day to day to help you learn a little more about me.

But it will also be a good occasion for you, readers, to learn more about this media (cartoons and comic strip) and, I hope, to give you a little bit of my passion.

New template!

Once again, in an effort to make the website more simple, has a new face! So no more 3 column templates filled with useless links that might only confused the visitor. Instead, only the essentials links have been kept.

I know that changes are always a little scary! But I'm sure that after I short period of time, you will navigate your way through the website rather easily and effectively.

More new features to come!

I am now in the process of brainstorming what kind of new features I could add to the website. You might want to take a second to answer this survey (at the bottom of the page) and tell me which feature(s) you think would make a nice addition to this website!

Don't hesitate to visit my website to find more nice tutorials on drawing funny cartoons!


Martin Bérubé

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