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How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #004 -- You're the expert!
November 02, 2008

How to draw funny cartoons e-zine, Issue #004

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You are the expert! Submit your tutorials now!

Before the internet was available, searching for any kind of information could really become a nightmare! We had to go to libraries, then search for a book, read it to see if anything was valuable in it... It wasn't necessarily a bad method to use! It was just long and not always profitable.

Today, with the internet, the entire knowledge of the world is accessible through any computer! Just open your favorite search engine, type a couple of keywords and voila! Instant knowledge available to your finger tips! And the best part is... anyone can share knowledge! Anyone!!!

I am very please to introduce an all new feature on! From now on, it is now possible for visitors like you to turn themselves into contributors! Yes! You can now share your tips and techniques about drawing to all visitors (currently over a thousand a day and still growing!) just by filling in a simple form!

You can submit your tutorial in one of the twelve categories below:

Sketching: Improve your pencil sketching technique
Outline: Creating an outline with attitude!
Colors: Building a color mixing guide
Shadows: Drawing shadows to enhance your work!
Textures: Creating a seamless texture (or any other kind of textures)
2d perspective: Creating a 2D perspective drawing
3d perspective: Creating 3D perspective drawings
Anatomy: Anatomy of the human body
Posture: Creating a correct posture for your characters
Step-by-step: Learning with the step-by-step drawing technique
Comic strip: Make your own comic strip
Caricatures: How to draw caricatures

And guess what? You don't need to be an expert to submit a tutorial. If you have some knowledge regarding drawing (how to create a shadow, how to work with colors) then you are more than welcome to submit your tips and techniques on!

To make sure that your contribution is accepted, please follow these simple guidelines:

- Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your tips in another section.
- Review your submission to avoid typos.
- Only one picture can be upload with your submission. Maximum size of 450 (width) by 600 (height)
- Just make sure that you provide something that will be of interest to others.

Your contribution is really appreciated! Thousand of visitors will read and learn from your expertise! By sharing your tips and techniques, you will help others learn how to draw better! You might even become an expert in one of these sections!

Have fun and happy submitting!

Don't hesitate to visit my website to find more nice tutorials on drawing funny cartoons!


Martin Bérubé

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