Printable Lessons to Help You Draw!

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Sometimes, online drawing lessons are not enough to help you learn how to draw all your favorite cartoon characters. So why not use a collection of printable lessons filled with all the characters and animals you love? Using a tangible lesson is a good idea to learn how to draw more effectively and quickly!

These drawing lessons are perfect for anyone. Whether you are a beginner or simply want to learn how to draw new characters, these simple tutorial were designed to help you learn how to draw. Just print and start drawing!

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New Vector Drawing Lessons Added Regularly! 

You can now learn how to draw a wide variety of objects, plants, places, characters and more using these new lessons especially created for vector applications. I will show you how to draw cool objects filled with simple and visually stunning effects in no time!

Don't be impressed by these tutorials! They are feasible if you already own a vector application and know how to create a few basic effects. If you don't have a vector software, I strongly suggest learning how to use one if you are serious about drawing.

These tools are indispensable and you will be able to create cool illustrations within minutes using one. You can see this series on how to draw cool vector images here!

Free Images Are Now Bigger!

Do you need high quality images to create t-shirts, applications and more? How about getting your hands on 50 cartoon animals for free? These cartoon images are now available in huge sizes (2000 x 2000 pixels) and in transparent PNG with no background. You can learn more about this offer here.

Great E-book Filled With 50 Animals!

A new addition in the e-book collection! Indeed, you can now get your hands on a new collection of 50 amazing cartoon animals and practice using 350 new drawing activities. That's more than 200 pages of fun for a single e-book!


This new exclusive digital e-book consists of all adorable cartoon characters available in the "complete" drawing section of this site.

Each character can be drawn using 7 different drawing techniques ranging from a simple step-by-step technique to using a grid to help you duplicate the cartoon illustration.

This resource is included in a huge package featuring 4 printable resources and 10 cool bonuses for a total of 1250+ pages of fun! This printable collection can be yours today!

Using Pinterest To See All Tutorials! is now 7 years old! It's a nice milestone, but it also comes with a huge problem! How can you have a preview of all 1000+ drawing tutorials available on this site within a few clicks?

The answer is simple: Visit my Pinterest boards!


Indeed, you can see a preview of most tutorials available on this site through my Pinterest account. No need to search through pages and pages of links to select your favorite cartoon characters. You can also share your favorite drawing lessons with others! 

It's time to pin! :)

Don't Forget To Submit Your Illustrations!

It's always fun to publish the work of people like you on this site. Everyone can draw creative characters and there is nothing more inspiring than looking at the work of other artists. If you have a cute drawing that you want to submit, please feel free to do so here. I'll be more than happy to publish it on the site.

You can also participate through various online games like Draw it forward, The comic strip challenge or simply by submitting your opinion. If you want to shape a few tips, you can also submit your own drawing lesson.

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