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Welcome to How-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com, your home for simple and complex drawing tutorials. With nearly 1000 lessons available on this site (and more added on a regular basis), you can find everything you need to get better at drawing!

You will have the opportunity to learn how to draw simple animals, characters, objects, food, vehicles, places and much more. Advanced artists can also have access to complex drawing lessons featuring tips on how to create digital paintings or vector illustrations. 

Below you can find a few basic tips to help you get the most of your journey on this site! :)

Basic Lessons to Help You Get started

If you don't have much drawing experience, then it can be a good idea to start with simple tutorials featuring animals and characters made from simple shapes and elements. Most of these lessons can be easily completed by beginners and young kids. 

Once you are comfortable creating simple drawing lessons like these ones, you can proceed with more complex characters to help you go one step further! 

These animals made from basic squares and rectangles are perfect to help you get started. Click here to sell all tutorials. 

Another simple collection featuring cute animals made from basic elements. Click here to sell all tutorials. 

Do you prefer to work with cartoon characters? Then, this series is definitely for you! Click here to see all tutorials.

Easy Tutorials For a Smooth Transition

Once you are familiar with these basic cartoon animals and characters, you can proceed with even more tutorials featuring simple drawing lessons that are still easy, but slightly more challenging than the basic ones described above. 

These lessons are still made from simple shapes and elements, but characters, animals and other misc lessons are also more detailed and more complex to duplicate. 

Don't hesitate to practice as much as needed before moving on to the next step. Creating original cartoon characters is not always an easy task and it's important to master all the basic skills before proceeding with more complex drawing tutorials. 

These characters are made from thick outlines and filled with shadows and effects. Click here to see all tutorials. 

Nothing is more interesting than drawing cool cartoon animals from the farm! Click here to see all tutorials. 

Why not try adorable wild animals also made from simple shapes, lines and designs. Click here to see all tutorials. 

Objects are also fun to create. Learn to draw simple things made from simple shapes. Click here to see all tutorials. 

In this section, learn how to create wonderful vehicles that can take you anywhere! Click here to see all tutorials. 

If you prefer, you can also learn to sketch several delicious and juicy cartoon fruit. Click here to see all tutorials. 

Advanced Lessons to Go Even Further

Feel like you can draw something more complex, filled with more details and more digital effects? Great! These advanced lessons are perfect for people who prefer to try complex characters using either pencils or a vector application. 

You can find interesting tutorials featuring all the characters and animals you love created with delicate outlines, simple colors and filled with complex effects like shadows, highlights and more. 

A small section dedicated to digital paintings is also available. Don't worry if you are having issues duplicating these illustrations. Just try as often as needed and don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and draw your own cartoon characters once you are comfortable with these lessons. 

Beautiful animals can be drawn using a vector application and some amazing digital effects. Click here to see all tutorials. 

Fun cartoon characters can be created using simple shapes and advanced digital effects. Click here to see all tutorials.

Animals, characters, flowers, vehicles, objects and more can be found in this series. Click here to see all tutorials.

More adorable animals are included in this collection filled with colors and great effects. Click here to see all tutorials. 

Colorful characters filled with shadows, highlights and colors can be drawn in this series. Click here to see all tutorials. 

If you like creating digital paintings, then this collection of images is perfect for you! Click here to see all tutorials. 

Submit Your Illustrations For Others to See!

Did you have fun working with these tutorials? Would you like to share these great illustrations with others? God news! You can do it! Indeed, submitting your work on How-to-draw-funny-cartoons is really easy to do. Simply select your favorite categories and publish your work, a small description and your name. That's it!

You can submit your work here :)

News, Updates and Awesome Features

A new section is slowly being built featuring simple clipart animals mostly made from basic shapes, lines and colors. These cartoon animals are easy to duplicate and are accessible to anyone! Don't miss the opportunity to create fun characters in just four easy steps! 

As you can see below, all animals are made from a large rectangle to start with. Then, a few simple features are added until the character is easily recognizable. You can use pencils or a digital application to complete these fun tutorials. 

This cute frog clipart is just an example of what you can do using animals from this series. Don't hesitate to practice as often as need and enjoy high quality characters made from basic elements! You can have a look at the whole series here.

See All Tutorials Through My Pinterest Account!

Yes, if you are on Pinterest, then you can follow me today and enjoy a quick look at all tutorials instantly. All images from this site are depicted and available for you to see. Select and share your favorite characters, animals, lessons and see why thousands of people are already enjoying these tutorials using this simple and accessible platform. Enjoy! :)

So? What's New Today?

Below you can find all drawing lessons and articles that were recently added on this site. It's a good opportunity to improve even more your drawing abilities and stay up-to-date with all the content added on How-to-draw-funny-cartoons.

This website is updated several times each week to make sure new lessons and fresh content is always available to help you learn how to draw better.

Simply select your favorite drawing lesson below and enjoy! :)

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